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You know you’re too busy when . . .

. . . you experience a wave of resentment when a colleague sends you an interesting article. “Why do they have time to read interesting stuff when I don’t?!?!?” (Now this is not the person who seems never do anything

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. . . And that’s OK

Guilt is a terrible thing. You don’t have to be Catholic to have it in spades. I was raised Lutheran and am currently a “none” and I have it big time. Whether it’s true guilt (“I did a bad thing”)

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Best trend not mentioned at ALA

I’m back from conference and done with post-conference hibernation.  (As an introvert I can only handle so much in terms of personal contact.  It’s great, and I love you all, it just really wears me out and I need some

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A few thoughts on privacy . . .

As a culture we don’t think about privacy enough.  That has all changed in the last with revelations about NSA’s secret spying programs using our phone and internet data.  Libraryland has traditionally held a very conservative view of privacy because

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Hello world!

I set up my WordPress account back in 2008 when I needed to start managing a staff blog at work, but never did anything with it. Well, time to change that. Two months ago I changed jobs after almost 10

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